Step 1 | Items Required

The items that you will need in order to create your hair system template are:

  • Clingfilm
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Marker Pen

Step 2 | Create Your Template

Simply create your template with or without a partner by watching the following videos below:

  • Template | Without Assistance | Watch here
  • Template | With Assistance | Watch here

Step 3 | Hair Sample

Place a small snippet of your hair into a clear, poly plastic, resealable bag. If you are unable to provide a hair sample, please can you make us aware of the reasons on your order form. Our team are still able to process your order without a hair sample, but the use of a hair sample will further assist us in achieving a result closer to your preferences.

Step 4 | Download Our Order Form

Simply download and fill out our order form with your full details and preferences for our team’s consideration. Please click here to download.

Step 5 | Download Our Address Label

Simply download our address label form and attach it securely to the parcel. Please click here to download. If you are unable to download our label, then please click here to see our full postage address.

Step 6 | Send Us Your Package

Place your hair system template into a well packaged box, making sure that your template is secured so that it is not damaged in transit. Then place your order form, and hair sample of which is in a clear, poly plastic, resealable bag into the box and making sure that everything is secured.

Now place your address label onto the package, making sure that all the information is clearly provided for our consideration.

Finally, send us your package as recorded delivery making sure that you receive a proof of postage and a tracking number.

Step 7 | Process Your Order

Upon our team receiving your package, we will process your order and contact you via email in order to proceed. During this time, our team will explain the full process and will request a deposit of £200 upon the order being made.

Step 8 | Send Your Order

Once the bespoke hair system has returned to us, we will contact you via email to make arrangements for the order to be sent to you in full discretion via recorded delivery and with a tracking number. We estimate that there is a 12 to 14 weeks time frame for all of our hair systems to return to us. Times may vary and will be discussed with our team.


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